I like building things.

I'm a developer who likes to make things. These are a few of my side projects.

MKE Tools

MKE Tools sends notification emails about police calls and crimes in Milwaukee.

This site combines crime, police, and fire data from several public sources. It makes that data more accessible, providing tools for mapping and filtering. You can also sign up to receive notifications about police calls and crimes that occur in near you. And the data is all made available for other developers to use, complete with an Open API spec.

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Justice Story

Justice Story helps criminal defense attorneys and public defenders prepare mitigation reports.

Justice Story helps defense attorneys and public defenders easily gain useful background information about their clients. It walks clients through a series of biographical and screening questions, generating a mitigation report. This ultimately adds consistency and depth to attorneys' mitigation advocacy for better plea negotiation, sentencing arguments, and client understanding.

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Missing Padlock

Missing Padlock scans sites and identifies mixed content issues.

When transitioning sites from HTTP to HTTPS, mixed content issues often arise. This occurs when the HTTPS site contains explicit references to HTTP assets, causing the site not to function correctly. Missing Padlock indexes your site, finds mixed content issues, and shows you the results so you can fix them.

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Arbitrary Site Grader

Arbitrary Site Grader pretends to scan a site and assigns meaningless grades in several categories.

There are a lot of sites and tools that run automated tests against a website, identifying issues and, ultimately, assigning a letter grade. These tools can be very useful when used correctly; far too often, however, people tend to just look at the letter grade without understanding the underlying issues or taking into account the limits of automated testing. This site parodies those tools, pretending to scan a site and delivering a meaningless grade.

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Words cannot properly describe MagneTag, but I'll try anyways. It's a foam combat game -- like the beautiful offspring of laser tag and sword fighting.

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About Me

At my day job, I work with a range of clients -- from Fortune 200 companies to startups -- helping them architect solutions to their business problems. But by night, assuming the kids go to sleep at a reasonable hour, I'm always working on some side projects like these. They help me learn new technologies, keep up on industry trends, and just have some fun coding!